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Terms Conditions


Before the start of each project, a deposit of at least 50% is to be paid for projects $300 or more. Projects under $300 must be paid in FULL before the start of each project. Each project must be paid in full before the final files are sent to the client.


ALL payments are to be paid via Paypal. PayPal supports a large number of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club and EnRoute. You do not need an account with PayPal to pay via PayPal. Before the start of each project, I will send an invoice via PayPal where you can make payments for your project.


You can make cancellations at any time before the project is completed. Deposits of 50% of the total cost are non-refundable once the design process has started. If you paid for a project in full, 50% of the total cost is refundable. If a project has been completed and approved, no cancellations or refunds will be permitted.



All design assets such as stock photos, fonts, and graphic elements are paid for by the client. These assets are considered in the initial pricing of each project. Some assets may be more costly and result in additional fees to the client after the initial pricing.



I will not disclose any client information to the public or any third party without the permission of the client. All projects will remain confidential until the client releases work(s) to the public or give me permission to release the work(s).


All designs are original work and free from plagiarism. All design assets used in my designs are paid for and licensed from the original owner of the assets. If you provide images to be used in the design please be sure that you are the owner or have licensed the images from the rightful ower(s). The client is responsible for images and messaging provided by the client. The client is responsible for errors in the messaging that the client provides.


Designs created by me are custom and exclusive to each business or individual. The rights to the designs belong to the client ONLY after the final payment is made. If any concepts that are not selected and paid for by the client are used elsewhere, it will be considered copyright infringement.


I reserve the right to display the work(s) in my portfolio. If there is a privacy issue involved please inform me.


Small revisions can be made after I provide the initial concept(s). If many revisions are required, an additional fee may apply. You will be notified if this applies.


Source files are the files used to create a design (ex. .psd files). I do not include source files with the final design. Source files are available at anytime for an additional fee. The fee must be paid in full before the files are delivered.



A project will be considered abandoned if I have not heard from you in 30 days. You will not have the rights to use any of the work that was presented to you, unless the project has been paid in full. If I have not heard from you and you contact me after the 30 day abandonment, a start up fee will apply.


I offer printing and shipping for any project. Some print materials may not show the exact color that is shown on your screen. This is due to the fact that each screen color settings may be different.


By entering into a project with me, you are consenting to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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